The Society produces Newsletters to keep members informed about activities, events and what is going on.  These will be downloaded as Adobe .pdf documents.  To view the documents listed, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader which is free to download from Adobe SystemsSee below for printing instructions.

    How to print the Newsletter
    No easy way!  Sorry!  All CHS Newsletters are in A5 format and will print two pages onto a standard A4 sheet.  Most newsletters comprise a total of 16 pages.
    Option 1 – The easy way - By simply pressing the print button these will print onto 8 pieces of A4.  Rearrange into the correct order and fold into booklet form.
    Option 2 – The complex way - To print in the correct order, back to back, in booklet form, print pages 1,3,5,7 and place those sheets back into your printer.  Be aware that you may need to turn the printed sheets over and around; it very much depends on your printer.  Print 8,6,4,2.  Then fold into a booklet.  Recommendation:  As a trial, print page 1 then page 2 onto the reverse.
    For more information about the newsletter, when the next edition will be available and how to add some content, please contact [email protected]


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