Crawley Horticultural Society
DRAFT Constitution


1.       THE NAME of the Society shall be CRAWLEY HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY and throughout this document shall be referred to as the Society.

2.       THE OBJECTIVE of the Society shall be to promote horticultural interest for the benefit of Members in their allotment and gardening activities and to take joint action for the benefit of Members through:

2.1. Holding regular meetings including education, lectures and demonstrations.

2.2. The creation of Specialist Groups (See Clause 10)

2.3. Arranging outings, visits and events.

2.4. Holding competitive shows.

2.5. Purchasing seeds, bulbs, plants, fertilisers, tools and other gardening products on behalf of Members.

2.6. Collection and circulation of information.

2.7. Partnership working with other organisations having similar objectives.

2.8. Seeking to ensure that our environment is one that respects and includes everyone and that no Member, volunteer, employee or contractor receives less favourable treatment.


3.       MEMBERSHIP is open to all persons with an interest in leisure gardening irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, age or where they are domiciled.    

3.1. A Member is a person who has paid a valid subscription.

3.2. Honorary Life Members and Members who still hold life membership are deemed as fully paid up Members of the Society.

3.3. SUBSCRIPTIONS are payable by Members at the amount determined by the Society Annual General Meeting.  Any change in subscription shall be effective from 1st day of March immediately following the AGM.

3.4. Subscriptions run from 1st day of January and Membership can be obtained for 1 or 4 years. 

3.5. New Members joining at or after the Autumn Show shall, as a concession, be offered membership to include the remaining period of that year, in addition to the 1 or 4 years obtained.

3.6. In the event of an increase in the subscriptions being agreed at the AGM any Member who has paid a subscription prior to the AGM shall not be required to pay the increase for the remainder of that membership period.

3.7. Honorary Life Membership may be conferred on members who have given outstanding service to the Society.  Nominations may only be made by the Management Committee.  When a President ceases to hold office, he or she automatically becomes an Honorary Life Member.

3.8. All Members shall have equal voting rights at General Meetings.

3.9. Membership of the Society automatically entitles membership of Specialist Groups.

3.10.                      Refusal of an application for or termination of membership may be exercised by the Management Committee in reasonable cases.  Such actions shall be recorded, ratified and advised to the individual concerned.  An appeal may be lodged and considered with the individual present.  The decision of the Management Committee shall be final.


4.       The HONORARY OFFICERS of the Society shall be the President, any Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. 

4.1.    They shall be elected annually at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. 

4.2.    They shall be ex-officio members of the Management Committee and any standing or sub-committees.

4.3.    The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary will be known collectively as “the Officers”.

4.4.    Retiring Honorary Officers shall be eligible for re-election.



5.       The MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE shall consist of not less than 15 members who are elected to hold office for three years, a third retiring annually. 

5.1.    With the exception of clauses 5, 5.2 and 8.1, references to the Management Committee shall include the Officers.

5.2.    Retiring Management Committee members shall be eligible for re-election.

5.3.    The Management Committee shall have overall responsibility for the conduct of the Society’s affairs.  They shall take into consideration all aspects of health and safety in the conducting of those affairs. In particular they shall take due care as to the safety of any volunteers or employees.  A volunteer shall be any Member who performs a service or undertakes any work on behalf of the Society.  An employee is any person whether a Member or not who receives payment for a service required by the Management Committee for the Society.

5.4.    At the first meeting following the AGM, appointments shall be made to various posts to enable smooth running of the Society.  These to include: Membership Secretary, Trading Secretary, Website Manager, Newsletter Editor.  In addition, membership of various Standing and Sub-Committees shall be determined.   A Show Secretary shall be appointed by the outgoing Management Committee prior to the AGM.

5.5.    A quorum shall be seven members of whom at least one shall be an Officer.

5.6.    The President and any Vice Presidents may attend and fully participate in meetings of the Management Committee.

5.7.    The Management Committee may co-opt additional members to fill casual vacancies or to fulfil particular duties.  These members shall have no voting rights.

5.8.    Power to decide any matter not provided for within the Constitution rests with the Management Committee.


6.       The TRUSTEES

6.1.    Four Honorary Officers shall be nominated as Trustees of the Society’s premises and assets at a meeting of the Officers and Management Committee.

6.2.    The Trustees shall be liable under the terms of the lease agreement with Crawley Borough Council.

6.3.    In the event that one or more of the Honorary Officers is prevented from being a Trustee, then another member of the Management Committee may be nominated.


7.       FINANCE

7.1.    The financial year shall be 1st January to 31st December.

7.2.    All monies raised by or on behalf of the Society shall be used to further the objectives of the Society.

7.3.    The Management Committee shall be responsible for the probity and security of the Society assets by ensuring proper controls are in place.

7.4.    The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of all income and expenditure.

7.5.    The Management Committee shall open bank accounts in the name of the Society.

7.6.    The Management Committee will appoint up to four of its members to be authorised to sign cheques.  This will normally be the Officers.

7.7.    Cheques shall be signed by any two of the authorised signatories.

7.8.    Electronic financial transactions shall be made by the Treasurer or other authorised signatory, up to the value £250 per transaction.  Above £250 shall require additional authorisation by at least one other authorised signatory.

7.9.    Legal or other documents in connection with the Society’s finances shall be signed by one or more of the Officers as required.

7.10.The Management Committee shall appoint an Auditor who is not a member of the Committee, to audit the accounts annually and render a report thereon to the Treasurer for presentation to the AGM.



8.       GENERAL MEETINGS shall be held annually on the fourth Thursday in February (The Annual General Meeting) to receive reports from the Chairman and Secretary of the Society.  The Treasurer will present the Audited Accounts for the year.

8.1.    The Honorary Officers and nominees for the outgoing Management Committee vacancies shall be elected for the coming year by a simple majority of the Members present.

8.2.    Items for inclusion on the AGM agenda must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary by noon on the first day of January prior to the meeting.

8.3.    The agenda for the AGM shall be published and made available to Members not later than 21 days prior to the meeting.

8.4.    A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING may be called by the Management Committee or by written application to the Honorary Secretary by not less than 2.5% of Members current at that time.

8.5.    A notice any Special General Meeting shall be sent to all Members not less than 21 days prior to the meeting.

8.6.    No business shall be transacted at any General Meetings other than that specified in the agenda or notice.

8.7.    Only current members are entitled to vote at any General Meeting.


9.       AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION may only be made at an AGM or Special General Meeting.

9.1.      Proposed alterations will be notified to Members in accordance with 8.3 or 8.5 above.

9.2.      The meeting may accept any proposal, with or without amendment, or reject it.

9.3.      In order to effect alteration to the Constitution, at least two-thirds of those present which must number not less than 2.5% of Members current at that time, shall vote in favour of the change.


10.   SPECIALIST GROUPS may be created with the approval of the Management Committee to cater for the needs of Members in their gardening and leisure activities. 

10.1.  Each group shall form its own Committee and manage any income and expenditure to the satisfaction of the Society Treasurer.  A statement of accounts will be presented to the Society Treasurer for inclusion in the Society Annual Accounts.

10.2.  The Secretary of each group shall be responsible to the Society Management Committee.

10.3.  A nominated member from each group shall be entitled to attend the Management Committee but shall have no voting rights.


11.   DISSOLUTION of the Society shall occur if for any reason it ceases to function in accordance with the Constitution. 

11.1.  The Trustees shall give notice of dissolution to all Members by calling a Special General Meeting specifically to dissolve the Society.

11.2.   Upon agreement to dissolve the Society, the Trustees shall deal with all matters to settle debts and liabilities, close accounts and arrange the disposal of any assets and funds subject to the wishes of that meeting.



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