Your first Members only competition - The winner was drawn from all correct entries at the AGM on Thursday 25th February - Mr R A Collins who received a CHS voucher for One Year's FREE Membership or one year equivalent when you buy or renew for four years.

CHS Wordsearch no. 1 - all completed entries to be left at the Shop or emailed to
[email protected]

You will need to look in all directions for the words; forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally in any direction.

If returning by email please ensure all words on the copy you are returning are clearly marked by encircling the individual words, scoring a line clearly through them, colouring the letters or squares (some letters will be used for more than one word) or in some other way that can be easily checked.  The copy can be returned either as a MS Word document or a scanned image.  ANY problems please email the Webmaster, as above.


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